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Guided Hunting Blog

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Why it is Best to Go on a Guided Hunt


Outfitters offering guided hunts are often heard about by people who have not experienced hunting before.  If you are a hunter and think that a guided hunt sound ridiculous, think again.  Whether you are hunting with a guide or not, what you are doing is still hunting and it is not an easy way of hunting.  The benefit of having a hunting guide is that you will not waste time wandering about because they will guide you as to where the best hunting spots are.


If you are taken to the right hunting spots then this is something good.  Bear hunting is one of the reasons why many people travel to Canada.  IF there is no guide, you would go out in the wilderness not knowing if you will find something or not.  It is not easy to hunt by oneself and you might find yourself spending the whole day for nothing.  Hunting guides will know where the best areas to hunt are.  The expert guides that will take you there have lived in the area all these years and some even their entire lives and know the behavior of bears and their whereabouts.  They can tell you where the bears are and what time of day they will be there. Visit to get details.


Outfitters offer great hunt guides and hunting facilities as well.  Hunt guides know where migratory animals pass so for you to see them, they will set up camp to the exact places where they will travel.  If you want to catch bears, the right bait will be provided for you.  They have their own tactics of enticing the animals to come out so that you will have better chances of catching your prized trophy.


A guided hunt is one great hunting experience.  Guided Canada bear hunts are not an easy way of hunting.  With a guided hunt, the possibility of achieving success is high.  It is best to have a knowledgeable guide with you if you are hunting in unfamiliar territory.


The  Canadian black bear is the most common of all bears in the place.  Guided hunts provided by professional outfitters for Canadian black bears is one enjoyable hunting experience.  Pursuing the target and bagging your trophy bear is one experience possible in a guided hunt.


When you have already downed your prized bear, a reputable outfitter will care to retrieve your prey.  Killing your bear is not enough if the outfitter cannot retrieve it.  You can see from this why it is best to hunt with a guide from provided for by an outfitter.  To retrieve your prize, the outfitter provides hunting dogs to follow the trail of the bear.  Either using bow or black powder, outfitters want you to use whatever is comfortable for you.